Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss E- Christmas Mini Mini

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Could she get an cuter?? I don't think so. This little one was such a joy to have in my studio. She was so easy to work with so freaking adorable. Look at those huge brown eyes! Don't they just make you say awwwwwwww?! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

S & D- Christmas Mini Minis

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I was nervously but happliy antcipating having these two little brothers over. I have photographed them before and well lets say its been interesting. The oldest one, Mr. D, hates the camera, not just mine any camera. I know hate is a strong word but really it is the only one that can say how much he does not like having his picture taken. He little brother on the other hand LOVES it! Needless to say, after a bit of coning and bribing I did eventually get Mr D to sit for one picture.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

D & S- Christmas Mini Minis

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These two cuties came by to see me. There mom is a photographer over at End of the Road Photography and they are only used to having her take their pictures. So mommy brought them to see me to see how they would do. I don't think they did to bad.

Friday, November 18, 2011

K- Christmas Mini Minis

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Another cutie pie stopped by to see me this week. And what a little diva she was. I absolutely adored her. The best part was when her momma pulled out her iPhone and put on little Miss K.'s  favorite song and she started dancing!! Super cute. Another great day!

A & K- Christmas Mini Minis

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Here is the cutest little sister duo that I have ever photographed. All though the littlest one didn't really want her picture taken she eventually came around and let me snap a few quick shots. The older one on the other hand LOVED the camera and did her own little poses making my job super easy.

Happy Holidays!!


Cans For Comments

Pin It Hey! Ok I know I am not the best writer/blogger but someones gotta do it right? With Facebook tracking every single move a person makes who really needs a blog? Well I learned not everyone has Facebook!! Shocking I know! So I will keep blogging all my sessions!! Hopefully, I will become a better writer...blogger. 

Now to get to the point of this post. Cans For Comments. I stumbled upon cans for comments in 2009 when I heard about it from the two awesome local photographers Chris and Lynn. And this year I am going to be participating again. 

What is Cans For Comments?
It’s a way for photographers or really anyone with a blog to give back, and do something good for their community. For every comment posted on my blog I will donate one canned /non perishable food item to the Surrey Food Bank

How to comment.
If you are visiting a specific blog link, the comment box is at the bottom of the post. Type your message in and click “Post Comment”. “Leave a Comment”. Click that and post away! While I always appreciate the facebook “Likes” on each post, you have to leave words for it to count as a comment.

Why should you comment?
Because its an easy way for you to help out a community in need without having to leave your home or give anything but 2 minutes of your time and a comment!

These people are people like you, just needing a hand up, not a hand out.

So from  now on until Dec 15th I will donate one canned /non perishable food item to the Surrey Food Bank for every comment on my blog!

Its easy! So I ask you please take two minutes and post a comment!! 

:) Thanks!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

N & I- Christmas Mini Minis

Pin It This year I decided to offer a Christmas Promo. Its perfect for those who just need a couple photos of their little one(s) for the holiday without spending a fortune.

First up two adorable brothers!

M & B- Fall Mini Session

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I seriously love  my job! I get to hang out with some pretty awesome kids! Cute ones like these ones make my job super easy! Look at them!! They just make my heart melt!

Botelho- Fall Mini Session

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Day two of my Fall Mini Sessions in Fort Langley. And we lucked out and got some what of a nice day. It was still a little cold but no rain! Yay for no rain. 

This little group is made up of cousins. Aren't they adorable? Their session was so much fun! These kids just made me laugh and laugh and laugh some more. They also took direction very well and did everything that I asked of them!! I wish my kid was like them!

Palmer Family- Fall Mini Session

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Here's another awesome family who braved the rain and came out for my Fall Mini Session. 

I first met Nicole and Rob back in 2009 when I photographed Robs brothers wedding.  Now a few years later the are a happy little family with the most handsome little man. Even though I was cold and soaking wet these guys made my day worth it. Oh, I have to mention what an all star Nicole was. She was wearing 4 inch heels and stood on a bench over my shoulder just to get her little guy to smile at me. Thanks Nicole!

See Rob jump?? Rob loves to jump!! Rob has been in a couple of weddings that I have shot and every time I have made the wedding party jump. When Rob contacted me about having photos done he asked if there would be any jumping involved, I said of course!