Friday, July 30, 2010

Jenn and Mike-Married

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I have been waiting for this day for a long time! Mike and Jenn are the winners from my contest that I held in November. When I received the email from Amy, Jenn's sister I knew right away that theses two where just the right couple!!

Here is the email I received from Amy!
I have a sister, who after a divorce left her a single mother of 4, found an awesome guy who has been nothing but great to her and a great role model for her kids. He has been so active in their life, none of us could of asked for a better "to be" step dad for them. They got engaged this fall and have started to put together wedding plans, but these all were put to a halt when he was crushed by a 3000 lb beam at his job just 3 days ago. He is in the hospital still unstable and things are uncertain, but we remain hopeful that he will come home. They planned to be married in June but are unsure if that date will be too soon at this point, but I do know this next year they will be married. My sister is now quitting her job to take care of him full time when he comes home. He will have many months of rehabilitation ahead of him and she is committed to be there for him every minute. So I nominate Jenn Povse and Mike Franzen for the free 2010 wedding. Thanks for your consideration.


Not only did Amy nominate these two she also single handedly organized their whole day! And what a gorgeous day it was!! Mike and Jenn could not decide on where to have the wedding, when to have the wedding or who should come. So last almost last minute they decided to have a small intimate backyard wedding in Penticton. The whole day was so very laid back and full of love, joy and barefeet!!!!! Their day was not like my typical weddings. The decided to do a "first look", then photos, dinner and finish with the ceremony. It was a new way of doing things for me but it all went off without a hitch. Mike and Jenn thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your special day. I wish you and your family all the best that the future has to hold.

And for all of you wondering how Mike is doing. He is walking :) but still in a lot of pain and has regular doctors visits. MRI's, Cat Scans, the whole works. Not 100% but I know he will get there with his strong will and the love of his family!! 

In love with all his curls

Jenn's daughter getting ready!!

The guys relaxing before the festivities.

Just a little dress issue! Turns out it was on sideways!

Amy! Wedding Planner Extraordinar!

Waiting for his bride

See barefeet!!!!
I don't typically post family photos but thats what this wedding was all about!

The wedding party! Jenn's bestfriend and her oldest son!

Jenn you are sooo gorgeous!

The kids where just the cutests little things all day and night long!

It was so cute, Mike and Jenn snuck away for a private first dance!

The whole gang!!!