Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eva and Ashton

Pin It These kids should come with a warning! !!!WATCH OUT SERIOUS CUTENESS AHEAD!!!

I had the best time photographing Eva and Ashton last weekend. I walked in the door and Eva ran up to me asking if I could help her put on her earrings. She told me she needed to have them on for the photo shoot, along with all her other gorgeous jewelery. I absolutely love it when little girls get all dressed up in their play clothes for their photos, it really lets them be exactly who they are! And not only was little Eva excited about wearing her earrings, bracelets and necklaces she was super excited that she was getting a cupcake!!! She was soo adorable even when her cupcake was gone and mommy said that she couldn't have another, you can imagine what happened then. Here are some photos of this cute little angel.

If that wasn't enough cuteness for you, well your in luck because not only did I get to photograph one angel I got to photograph one of the sweetest little boys ever!! Ashton was soo bubbly and smiling the whole time while I was photographing him. He LOVED, loved, loved the camera. And the camera loved him its obvious. Although he wasn't to keen on staying in one place for me and at times found his hands to be more exciting I still managed to get some great shots of this handsome little man. He is defiantly going to be a lady's man, with those eyes and that hair!! Gotta love him, I mean seriously how could you not!?

And obviously I needed to get these two together!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Have you heard about Fraser Valley Pulse?

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FraserValleyPulse.com is an online lifestyle guide featuring entrepreneurs/local business owners and their exciting ventures in the Fraser Valley! Up-to-date event listings around the lower mainland, chartable organizations, great shopping, dining and much more!!!

This online guide is run by some fantastic woman who's goal is to let you know whats hot and whats what around the lower mainland!

Be sure to check them out and sign up for their newsletter!

They were also kind enough to publish one of my photos!

Become a fan of Fraser Valley Pulse on Facebook!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Are Beautiful

Pin It A little Post-it note has never been so powerful.

Tired of watching women criticize themselves while staring into bathroom mirrors, a Florida woman scribbled "You are beautiful" on a Post-it and slapped it on one in her office building.

Caitlin Boyle, 25, posted a picture of the note on her blog in June, and suddenly women around the globe were mimicking her random act of kindness.

More than 300 note writers have sent in pictures and stories from New York, Germany, Japan and even Iraq to Boyle's OperationBeautiful.com website.

"People are discovering that when they post an Operation Beautiful note, it helps them as much as it helps other people," said Boyle, an urban planner.

Boyle's website features dozens of pictures of these inspirational notes and the stories behind them.

A woman in Germany posted a heart-shaped "You Are Beautiful" note on a row of detox diet books. A mirror at an Iowa grocery store was dressed up with a note saying "You are a beautiful amazing person." And scales at gyms all over have been plastered with the pick-me-ups.

The project is cropping up in the city as well, with a note saying "You are loved" slapped on a poll in the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Krista McNaught, 35, of Ontario, Canada, loved watching her co-workers react when she posted a "You are gorgeous" note on her office's bathroom mirror.

"I don't think people take time enough to give compliments anymore," she said. "Random notes are a great way to make people think or to even have an 'a-ha' moment."

Hannah Hawley, who struggles with her weight but refuses to beat herself up over it, posted a "You are beautiful" note in the bathroom of her office in Randolph, VT.

Note taken from : http://www.sodahead.com/living/youre-beautiful/news-5669/?link=ibaf

Its taken me along time to realize I am who I am for a reason. And if you don't like me thats too bad for you.
I wear glasses, my teeth aren't perfect, I'm not a size 2 and my toes are all funky and weird, I get the worst break outs at times, my stomach isnt flat or smooth and I have scars everywhere I could go on forever...but thats who I am.
I've been called fat, I've been called ugly, but those people who uses those words are just insure about themselves and have their own issues.
Its taken me years to realize that I need to stop trying/pretending to be someone who I'm not and start being me...I can't change the way I am..and thats ok.

I'M BEAUTIFUL inside and out and so are you..

Kayci xoxo

visit another great site : http://operationbeautiful.com/

photo courtesy of google.com

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Becky-Kayci Gough Photography Grad Rep

Pin It I had a great time photographing Becky my Grad Rep here at Kayci Gough Photography. We wondered around Fort Langley in the late morning. Props to Becky for being such a trooper out in a little dress and heels in the cold. It was a great session and I hope you like your photos Becky.

P dot S...if your wondering what a "grad rep" is, Becky gets two free shoots from Kayci Gough Photography. In exchange she is to promote my business around her school. Telling her friends and classmates all about my grad promos, handing out business cards, things like that. I am still looking for a grad rep to photograph from Poppy Secondary and Langley Secondary School. Boys or Girls!! Msg me if you are interested.

Okanagan Boudoir Marathon

Pin It Hey Ladies!

There has been an overwhelming request for me to come up to the Okanagan to shoot boudoir. So guess what?
I'm making the trip!! I will be holding a boudoir marathon in Penticton, March 13th and 14th, 2010.

What is a boudoir marathon??
It pretty much means you get a great deal on a boudoir shoot. Hair, makeup, private location, drinks. all for a great price.

Pricing and what you get!:
Boudoir Session Prices $200:

*1.5 hour session (multiple outfit changes up to 4 )
*Color correction of photos and edits

*High resolution  DVD of all the best photos taken during the shoot. Not watermarked.

*Make up by Sierra Makeup

*Hair by Angela Franz

*Soft cover photobook to give to your man

Need more convincing? Check out my post on boudoir. 

Comments from past clients:
*You are an amazing photographer!! Not only did you make me feel at ease and comfortable all during the shoot, I felt so beautiful!! Thank you for showing me WHO I am...xoxoxo
Also, a shout o
ut to Michelle Sheremata for an awesome makeup job!! Love it!! -Kim

"Hey girls...I just wanted to inform all you ladies out there that think they cant do a Boudoir shoot....well let me tell you I have always wanted to do something gutzy like this but never thought I would. Well I got the opportunity to have a wonderful person take these pictures of me, she never once made me feel uncomfortable even though I was totally self constious the whole time. When I saw the photos I couldnt believe it was me. Kayci is extremly tallented and doesnt focus on anything you dont want her to but you should really just trust her talent. Her angels and use of natural light will amaze you when you see the final product!!!

REMEMBER LADIES we are all sexy in nature so go for it and the other thing is it makes you feel unbelievable.
You only live once so live it to the fullest.
Thanks again Kayci for helping me in more ways then just pictures" Rachael

Friday, February 05, 2010


Pin It I was so excited to photograph Jade, she is absolutely beautiful! Can you believe this gorgeous woman has 3 kids!!! Like most of the woman who come for a boudoir shoot, Jade was a bit nervous to start, but after a little bit of wine and a few compliments she looked like a born natural in front of the camera.