Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Brother and Sister- Children

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You would never guess that these two are twins would yuh? Well they are and they are super sweet. They may act like they don't love each other but you can tell they do, very much so. Their aunt contacted me to have some photos taken of them as a surprise girl for their mom. When I was told that their mom was a huge fan of the mustaches and glasses photos I knew right away what to do with these guys!!

Btw, their mom was very surprised and happy when she received her photos of her beautiful children!

Sisters-Valentines Day Mini Sessions

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4 girls! Yes I said 4 girls! I don't know how their mommy does it! I am defiantly not strong enough to handle 4 girls. They are very cute and adorable little ones. I'm not going to lie its a challenging having them all in my little home studio.  But in the end its worth it! 

Miss V & Mr N-Valentines Day Mini Session

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I love when these two come and see me for some Valentines Day photos! They love the camera and obviously the camera loves them!! Seriously aren't they just the most adorable children you have ever seen?? Mommy and daddy make cute babies that's for sure.

Miss M-Valentines Day Mini Session

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 Little Miss M stopped by to see me to celebrate he first Valentines Day. Look at those eyes, that hair, man this little girl is beautiful! To me she looks like a little cherub!  Angelic as she looks she was quite a handful to photograph, she did not want to sit still or look at me, she didn't even want to show me and smiles. But that's OK I still had a great time and her photos still came out great!!


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Va Va Voom! That is just one of the ways I can describe this beautiful woman!! I was so excited when P.J. messaged me about having a boudoir session. What excited me more is that it was totally out of character for her and it was also a surprise for her man. Why this girl woman would be nervous about her shoot is beyond me she is so gorgeous, inside and out. Having a boudoir session done was on her bucket list and I am so happy that she came to me! 

Oh, and by the way she had the hardest time keeping this session a secret from her man. It was pretty cute hearing her little plots to keep him unaware. I'm sure he didn't mind the surprise. 

Baby K-Newborn

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I am so far behind on blogging. I really need to get my act together! I apologize to all of you for not updating my blog sooner. 

This precious little baby is Kai. He was so tiny! At first he didn't want to cooparte and was WIDE awake. But eventually after some mommy cuddles, some milk and warm blankets he was passed right out and ready for some photos!